Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 2021: $77,619.00
Projected End Date: 03/31/2024
Grant Recipients: Maine Farmland Trust; SCORE Maine
Region: Northeast
State: Maine
Project Leader:
Tricia Rouleau
Maine Farmland Trust
FarmCalc 2.0 is a newly rebuilt online financial planning tool to help farmers achieve greater profitability and other business goals. The program creates a whole-farm financial picture, and breaks that down into unit costs for all products produced. By integrating farm financial information across enterprises, FarmCalc helps farmers directly compare their costs and profits between types of crops and products so that farms can better match their production to their sales potential. - In FarmCalc you can: Calculate your unit cost: discover what it costs you to produce 1 lb. of beets, a bunch of kale, or gallon of milk and make sure your pricing is above your costs of production. - Find your most profitable products: Compare your fully loaded unit costs and which products are making you the most profit per unit. - Production Plan: Decide how much of your products to produce based on the production needed to meet their sales potential and maximize profit. - Plan investments, add or eliminate enterprises, and other changes: What happens if you buy that piece of equipment? Drop an enterprise? Duplicate your farm scenario and make changes to see how your costs, profits, and profitability will change. - Compare year over year: Copy last year’s farm scenario and update with new numbers to compare how your farm financials change season after season. - Download: Export all your financial benchmarks into a csv. FarmCalc is free to use on your own and with your farm business advisor. You can access FarmCalc through your web browser after Maine Farmland Trust sets up your user account. Your information is protected and always secure.
Decision-making Tool, Mobile/Desktop Application
Alex Fouliard, Maine Farmland Trust
Jed Beach, FarmSmart Maine
Don Havey, Perch
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Ordering info:
Alex Fouliard
Maine Farmland Trust
97 Main St
Belfast, ME 04915
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