Integrating Crops and Livestock Infographic

Project Type: Research and Education
Funds awarded in 2021: $247,740.00
Projected End Date: 10/31/2024
Grant Recipient: Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
Region: North Central
State: Minnesota
Project Coordinator:
Erin Meier
Green Lands Blue Waters/MISA/UM
One--page infographic with accompanying narrative on reverse side. The images highlight farming practices that integrate crops and livestock, such as grazing cover crops or crop residue; and text describes mutual benefits on both the crop and livestock sides. Crop enterprises can save on fertilizer costs, break pest and disease cycles, add soil organic matter, market their cover crop as forages, and potentially receive ecosystem service credits; while livestock enterprises can use cover crops and crop aftermath to stretch the grazing season into winter. The infographic acknowledges some of the many challenges of integration as well and suggests places to start.
Target audiences:
Farmers/Ranchers; Educators
This product is associated with the project "Match made in heaven: livestock + crops"
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