Inserting tables into your report or proposal

When presenting data in tabular form, DO NOT use spaces or tabs to align columns. This applies to the SARE reporting system and any word processor. If you use spaces or tabs for aligning columns and change the font, your columns will no longer be aligned.

You can copy and paste from blocks of cells from Excel - but the formulas will be lost. Just the values will be shown.

You can also copy and paste tables or blocks of cells from MS Word, Google Sheets or other word processors.

insert table button

However, the best way is to insert a table is to use the Table button. Drag your pointer over the grid that pops up when you hover over "Insert table" to indicate the number of rows and columns as you would in most word processors. You can always add or remove columns or rows later from the Table button.

Before you have any text in the table, it is easiest to use your keyboard to move the cursor to the first cell and then start typing. The table will grow to fit the content.

To navigate from one cell to the next, press the [Tab] key or arrow on your keyboard or click on the target cell with your mouse. If you press the [Tab] key when you are in the last cell, another row will be added.

Unless absolutely necessary, do not change the width or the height of the table cells, rows or table by dragging divider lines or using the Cell/Row/Table properties. Doing so may make the table look great on your screen, but when someone else looks at it with a different size window, device, monitor or font, it will not look as you intended. Please let the browser handle the sizing of the table, rows and columns.

When you click in the table a row of buttons will appear at the bottom. In the middle section are buttons for add a row before, add a row after and delete row. These will delete or add a row before or after the row where your cursor is in. You can also add rows from the table button.