Dr. Anusuya Rangarajan

Sr. Extension Associate
Cornell University
[email protected]
15G Plant Science Building
Horticulture Section, SIPS
Ithaca, NY 14853
(w) (607) 255-1780


LNE19-382 Tarping to Advance Reduced Tillage Systems on Small-Scale Vegetable Farms
ENE13-129 Building Vibrant Support Organizations for Beginning Farmers in the Northeast
GNE10-012 Addressing Challenges of a Reduced Tillage Organic Vegetable System: In-row Weed Control and Fertility Management
LNE10-301 Reducing climatic and disease risks through minimum tillage systems for vegetables
LNE06-245 Optimizing reduced tillage for root, leafy, and organic vegetables grown in the Northeast
ENE04-086 In-Depth Organic Training for Agricultural Professionals
LNE03-189 Optimizing reduced tillage systems for vegetables grown in the upper Northeast