Brett Blaauw

Assistant Professor
University of Georgia
[email protected]
413 Biological Sciences Building
Athens, GA 30602
(w) (706) 542-8748


GS23-286 Investigating the Inoculation of Peach with an Entomopathogenic Fungus as a Potential Biocontrol Tactic Against Tree Boring Pests
LS20-342 Enhancing Hedgerow Systems in Fruit Tree Production to Improve Beneficial Insect Diversity and Abundance
GS20-233 Effect of Ground Cover Management on Predators and Predation of Halyomorpha halys in Georgia Peach Orchards
GS18-180 Leveraging Pest Behavior for Implementation of Sustainable Management Tactics for Plum Curculio in Southeastern Peach Production
OS17-102 Scale Management to Promote Sustainable Southeastern Peach Production