Daniel Brainard

Michigan State University
Dept of Horticulture
A440A PSS Building
East Lansing, MI 48824-4882
(w) (517) 648-7928


GNC21-324 Addressing the Weed and Soil Management Trade-offs in Vegetables Through Integrated Cultural and Mechanical Strategies
GNC19-284 Sustainable Weed Control: In-Row Weed Cultivation Strategies for Midwest Vegetable Growers
ONC17-025 Cultivating partnerships: Building Farm-research Networks for Improved Physical Weed Control
GNC16-223 Green Tools: Improving Sustainability by Integrating New In-Row Cultivation Equipment and Competitive Cultivars
GNC12-158 Improving Resource Use Efficiency Through Strip Tillage, Cover Cropping, and Deep Fertilizer Placement
LNC11-330 Combining Strip-Tillage and Cover Crops for Resource Conservation and Profit in North Central Vegetable Cropping Systems
GNC10-141 Combining Alternative Cover Crop Strips, Living Mulches and Strip Tillage for Effective Weed and Nutrient Management in Organic Sweet Corn Production
GNC09-108 A novel approach for optimizing the benefits of cereal-legume cover crop mixtures in vegetable cropping systems