Justin O'Dea

Regional Agriculture Specialist
Washington State University
[email protected]
1919 NE 78th St.
Vancouver, WA 98665
United States
(w) (360) 524-2383


FW24-021 Investigating the Viability of Passive Aquaponics Systems: Sustainable Approaches to Eliminating External Heating Requirements
SW22-943 Forest-Cultivated Mushroom Production for Pacific Northwest Diversified Farms and Startups
SW21-926 Diversifying Northwestern fields and palates
WESP19-01 Developing the Western Cover Crop Council and Promoting the Regenerative Agriculture Movement through Cover Crops and Human Health
WRGR19-04 The Peri-urban Agriculture Network: Strategies for Agricultural Viability in Urbanizing and High Land-Use-Pressure Regions
LNE14-335 Integrated Phytophthora blight management in vegetable crops with enhanced soil health from cover crops, reduced tillage, and brassica biofumigation
GW10-032 Investigating the Legume Green Fallow Alternative on North-Central Montana No-Till Operations