Charles Francis

Farmer, Permaculturist
Grain Place Foundation
[email protected]
1906 N Hwy 14
Marquette, NE 68854
(w) (888) 714-7246


FNC20-1253 Sustainable Silvopasture Hog Production Compared to Drylot System
GNC13-182 Cover Crop Mixture Diversity and its Effects on Biomass Production, Weed Suppression, Soil Fertility, Soil Microbial Biomass and Community Structure, and Performance Stability
ENC10-116 Sustainable Agriculture Learning Modules for High School Agriculture
GNC08-101 Soil fertility and weed management in long-term conventional and organic crop rotations
ENC06-092 Training for Organic Farming and Ranching in the Great Plains
GNC03-012 Land Ethics: Connecting Producers, Consumers, Land and Food
GNC02-001 Motivations for Adoption of Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Education and Research: A Mixed-Methods Study
LNC01-185 Evaluation of Impacts of SARE Research/Education, PDP, and Producer Grants
ENC97-001.2 North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Program
ENC96-001.1 North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Program
ENC95-006 Increasing Trainer Literacy in Sustainable Agriculture
ENC94-001 North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Program
LNC94-073 Comparing Farming Systems with Different Strategies and Input Levels: A Research/Education Program with Replicated Micro-Farms
LNC92-046 Contour Strip Intercropping and Rotations to Reduce Soil Erosion and Energy Costs in Production Systems
ANC91-003 Proven Sustainable Practices from Nebraska Farmers
LNC88-004 Sustainable Low-Input Agriculture: An Overview Videotape