Dr. Cerruti R. R. Hooks

Professor & Extension Specialist
University of Maryland
[email protected]
Dept. Entomology
4112 Plant Sciences Building
College Park, MD 20742-4454
(w) (301) 405-4728


LNE20-406R Creating an Ecofriendly Pest Suppression Program in Sweet Corn
GNE20-236 Developing a Perennial Living Mulch System to Manage Insect Pests in Northeastern Cantaloupe Fields
GNE19-224 Effects of Living Mulch and Cover Crop Residues on Natural Enemy Abundance and Efficacy in Sweet Corn
GNE15-099 The effect of cover crops on the abundance and survival of beneficial stink bugs
SW08-037 Sunn hemp and its allelopathic compounds for vegetable production in Hawaii and beyond
SW07-604 Improving and extending the superhero status of the sunn hemp to other growers in need of help
SW04-064 Management of Banana Bunchy Top in Hawaii