Rachel Levi

Program Director
[email protected]
233 S Dade Ave
Ferguson, MO 63135
(w) (314) 521-1006


YENC22-183 Agri-Culinary Project
FNC19-1176 Developing the Produce Efficacy Analysis and Recording (PEAR) Mobile Application
FNC17-1083 Farmscaping and Permaculture IPM at an Organic Farm School
FNC15-999 “Greening” a Greenhouse Through Sustainable Energy Solutions
YENC15-089 Junior Farm Crew
FNC14-970 Growing a Pear Orchard at an Organic Farm School to Increase Supply and Demand for Organic Tree Fruit in St. Louis, MO
YENC12-053 Organic Farm to Summer Camp Table: Opportunities for Youth on an Organic Farm