Engly Ioanis

Associate Director for Administrative Service
College of Micronesia Land Grant Programmmm
[email protected]
PO Box 1859
Kolonia, FM 96941
(w) (691) 320-2728


WFM23-001 Enhancing Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Livelihood Practices in the Communities
RGR20-003 Expanding Small-scale Sustainable Agroforestry Demonstration Plots in the Western Pacific
WESP19-003 Western Pacific Sustainable Agriculture Participatory Training Network: Eight islands, twelve trainings.
WSP19-027 Hands-on training on sustainable gardening to address climate change and NCD issues in Micronesia
WSP18-009 Micronesia 2018-20 PDP project
SW01-010 Utilization of Local Feedstuffs for Swine Feeding in the American Pacific