Fabian Menalled

Crop Weed Specialist
Dept. of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
[email protected]
720 Leon Johnson Hall
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-3120
(w) (406) 994-4783


SW24-001 Enhancing the Sustainability of Small Farms in Montana through Postharvest Management of Berry Crops, with Emphasis on Haskaps
GW22-235 Carrots as a Model for Defining Critical Period of Weed Management, Biofertilization, and Market Opportunities for Great Plains Vegetables Producers
GW21-218 Integrating thistle rust into weed management of Canada thistle
MW16-004 Extension and outreach supporting climate-resilient sustainale agriculture in Montana.
GW09-012 Joint Management of Wheat Stem Sawfly, Fusarium Crown Rot, and Weeds: Assessing the Ecological Basis of a Total Systems Approach to Pest Management Strategies
GW06-026 Effects of Weed Communities in Conventional and Organic Agricultural Systems.
SW05-038 Developing Distance Learning Based on Perceptions and Knowledge of Producers and Agricultural Professionals