Gregory Loeb

Cornell University
[email protected]
15 Castle Creek Drive
Cornell AgriTech, Dept Entomology
Geneva, NY 14456
(w) (315) 787-2345


GNE21-248 Assessing Insect Dynamics in the Sour Rot Disease Etiology of Grapes
GNE18-191 Low Tunnel Strawberries: Survey of Pest Incidence and Recommendations for Biological Control of Two-Spotted Spider Mite and Tarnished Plant Bug
GNE16-115 The role of insects as fire blight vectors: Implications for sustainable disease management in Northeast apple orchards
GNE12-036 The use of native perennial wildflowers and alfalfa trap crops to increase pollination and biological control in strawberries
LNE97-080 A Strawberry IPM Systems Comparison Demonstration