John Fike

school of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Va Tech
[email protected]
365 Smyth Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(w) (540) 231-8654


LS20-332 Silvopasture for Poultry Production with Outdoor Access: Impact on animal welfare, economic, and environmental parameters
GS19-202 Cortisol as an Indicator of Stress in Animals Under Different Grazing Systems
GS14-130 Acoustic analysis: A novel way to measure livestock grazing behavior
LS13-255 Made in the Shade - Using Silvopasture Research and On-farm Demonstrations to Advance These Sustainable Agroforestry Systems
GS09-079 Optimal Nutritive Value of Honeylocust Seed Pods Within Temperate Silvopasture
GS03-024 Optimizing Forage Production and Quality Within a temperate Silvopasture System