Dr. Josef Görres

Associate Professor
University Of Vermont
[email protected]
258 Jeffords Building
Plant and Soil Science
Burlington, VT 05405
(w) (802) 656-9793


ONE21-391 Mycorrhizal Banks to Enhance Vegetable Yield and Reduce Water Quality Impairment by Mitigating Excessive Soil Phosphorus
ONE19-335 Mycoremediation of Phosphorus in Agricultural Runoff using Mycorrhizal-Plant Associations
GNE15-098 Exploring the use of bokashi as a soil fertility amendment in Northeast vegetable production systems
ONE13-182 Vermicompost as a fast-acting nitrogen amendment to mitigate nitrogen deficiencies in organic vegetable production
GNE12-045 Mitigating and preventing flood-related soil quality degradation using cover crop blends
ONE12-158 Mitigating fertility effects of flooding with variable rate amendment
GNE11-022 Evaluating the use of forage radishes as a pasture improvement tool