John Ikerd

University of Missouri Columbia
200 Mumford Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
(w) (573) 882-4635


ENC99-045 Sustainable Agriculture: A Profitable, Ecological, and Socially Sound Strategy for Small Farms
ENC98-028 Alternative Information Networking to Support Sustainable Agriculture on Small Farms
LNP98-002 1,000 Ways to Sustain U.S. Agriculture
ENC97-016.1 New Opportunities for Families on Small Farms
ENC96-016 Sustaining a Desirable Quality of Life through New Agricultural Opportunities for Farm Families on Small Farms
LNC92-048 Evaluating Relative Impacts of Conventional and Sustainable Farming Systems on Rural Communities
LNC92-049 On-Farm Demonstration and Evaluation of Sustainable Farming Systems
LS91-044 SMART-Sustaining and Managing Agricultural Resources for Tomorrow: Training for the Southern Region