Dr. James Worstell

Delta Land & Community
[email protected]
920 Hwy 153
Almyra, AR 72003
(w) (870) 673-6346


LS16-276 Validating Sustainability/Resilience and Quality of Life Indices to Identify Farm- and Community-Level Needs and Research and Education Opportunities
LS13-259 Participatory assessment of progress, barriers and opportunities for sustainability in Southern agricultural systems
LS01-130 Building from excellent agents to effective organizers of collaborative, sustainable rural enterprise
ES98-038 Motivating Teams for Enterprise Facilitation
ES97-034 Multi-state Value-Added Team Building in the Northern Mississippi River Delta Region
LST96-013 Sustainable Agriculture Marketing through Collaborative Policy Development
LNP95-002 ASA Symposium: Integrating Production and Marketing Research for Sustainability