Jeffrey Stackhouse

Livestock and Natural resources Advisor
University of California Cooperative Extension
[email protected]
5630 S. Broadway
Eureka, CA 95503
United States
(w) (707) 445-7351


FW24-011 Grazing Goats with Virtual Fencing in Timbered Landscapes to Control Unwanted Brush While not Impacting the Growth or Mortality of Coniferous Trees
OW24-012 Can Discarded Sheep Wool from Skirting and Tagging be Used as Heavy Mulch in Reforestation to Eliminate the Need for Herbicides?
WCA24-001 California Professional Development Program 2024-2026
ESP20-02 California's New Certified Burn Boss Certification Travel Grant
WCA21-001 California Professional Development Program 2021-2023
WSP19-025 Building Social Equity into Agriculture and Food Systems Extension
MW18-003 Better Fire: Informing and improving prescribed fire on private lands in California
WSP18-004 California 2018-20 PDP project
WSP17-004 2018 University of California PDP Project