Dr. Leslie Roche

Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension
UC Davis
[email protected]
Plant Sciences, Mail Stop 1, One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
United States


GW23-254 Assessing compost application and grazing management in California rangelands: Impacts on soil microbial ecology and drought resilience
WPDP23-007 Strengthening the Technology Toolbox for Sustainable Rangeland Management
SW22-933 Integrated field and satellite based decision support system for climate-resilient and sustainable ranches and rangelands across California
SW19-904 The utility of plant traits to identify range seeding candidates that can achieve multiple management goals
GW18-020 New Ranchers, New Needs: Why are first-generational ranchers deciding against traditional climate adaptation strategies?
OW16-013 Irrigated Pastureland Enhancement Program