Mary Barbercheck

PSU Dept. of Entomology
[email protected]
501 ASI
University Park, PA 16802
(w) (814) 863-2982


GNE16-133 Undercover agent: Uncovering the effects of cover crops on a beneficial soil fungus
GNE16-134 Impacts of cover crops and tillage on predator-prey interactions within organic cropping systems
GNE14-081 The role of cover crop diversity on key generalist predator attraction and pest suppression
GNE12-037 The role of cover crops as a floral resource for native bee conservation in agroecosystems
GNE12-044 Predator-prey interactions in a high residue, reduced tillage agroecosystem
ENE10-114 Reading the Farm: Discovering whole-farm interactions
ENE05-089 Soil quality workshop: Concepts and practices