Dr. Mark Gleason

Iowa State University
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Ames, IA 50011
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GNC21-318 Managing teff as a living mulch for organic acorn squash in mesotunnel systems
LNC18-404 Optimizing mesotunnel systems for sustainable production of cucurbit crops
LNC13-350 Integrating Perimeter Trap Crops and Row Covers into Cucurbit-crop Farming Systems
GNC10-132 Relationships Between Cucurbit Crop Pollinators and Landscape Diversity
LNC10-323 Optimizing Row Covers and Perimeter Trap Crops for Cucurbit Pest Management
GNC09-112 Extended-duration row covers to suppress bacterial wilt on muskmelon: optimizing a new management strategy for organic growers
LNC07-284 Implementing biointensive pest management and evaluating hard cider manufacturing to increase sustainability of apple production
LNC02-213 Implementing Sustainable Management of Muskmelon Diseases, Weeds, and Insect Pests in Partnership with Iowa Growers