Nick Andrews

Extension Agent
Oregon State University
[email protected]
North Willamette Research & Extension Center
15210 NE Miley Rd.
Aurora, OR 97002-9543
(w) (503) 678-1264


OW21-364 Optimizing vole trapping strategies in annual and perennial cropping systems
WESP19-01 Developing the Western Cover Crop Council and Promoting the Regenerative Agriculture Movement through Cover Crops and Human Health
WRGR19-02 On-Farm Cover Crop Use, Evaluation, and Data Sharing with the Western Cover Crop Council
MW18-006 Summer and winter vegetable and cover crop cultivar performance in Organic fresh vegetable cropping systems in Oregon
SW12-037 A Collaborative Phenology Modeling System to Enhance Crop Management on Vegetable Farms
OW10-329 Protecting Water Quality and Promoting Economic Efficiency at Agricultural Composting Facilities
FW09-328 Increasing Grower Adoption of Adaptive Cover Cropping Systems: Effects on Vegetable Production and Nitrogen Cycling
FW06-301 Estimating Nitrogen Contribution from Cover Crops in Organic Vegetable and Cane Berry Farms