Abraham Noe-Hays

Research Director
Rich Earth Institute
[email protected]
355 Old Ferry Rd.
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(w) (802) 387-0163


LNE22-453R Biochar from Biosolids and Source Separated Human Urine: Soil Health Impacts and Farmer Perspectives
ONE22-426 Farm-scale Urine Fertilizer Implementation: Refining Application Methods, Gathering Buyer and Consumer Perspectives, and Producing Farmer Guide
ONE21-402 Assessing Feasibility of Bio-acidification to Reduce On-farm Ammonia Volatilization from Dairy Manure, Digestate and Urine
ONE20-375 Expanding Farm Partnerships to Trial Human-Urine-Derived Fertilizer on New Crops
ONE18-318 Practical Strategies for Reducing Ammonia Volatilization from Urine-Derived Fertilizers
ONE15-244 Value-added products from urine: Enriched compost and stabilized liquid fertilizer
ONE14-218 Urine as fertilizer: Maximizing hay yield and enriching low-N composts
ONE13-188 Sustainable fertilizer from reclaimed urine: A farm-scale demonstration for hay production