Dr. Ray Weil

University of Maryland
[email protected]
Dep. Environ. Sci. and Tech.
0423 AN Sc Bldg, University of
College Park, MD 20742
United States
(w) (301) 405-1314


LNE23-481R Optimizing spring cover crop management for productivity, soil health and climate resilience
GNE21-255 How the Transition to Organic Grain Effects Biological Indicators of Soil Health
GNE15-106 On-farm and isotopic evaluation of deep soil nitrogen capture and cycling by cover crop mixtures
ONE15-251 Priming for production: A podcast on soil health
LNE14-338 Deep soil nitrogen: A resource for sustainability in the mid-Atlantic using early cover crops
GNE11-025 Cover crop selection and manure placement for weed suppression and nitrogen use efficiency in a no-till organic corn system
LNE11-312 No-till, No-herbicide Planting of Spring Vegetables Using Low Residue Winter Killed Cover Crops
LNE04-213 Environmental and Economic Effects of Management-Intensive Grazing on Dairy Farms - Phase II
LNE03-192 Multipurpose Brassica cover crops for sustaining Northeast farmers
LNE01-152 Environmental - Economic Impacts of Management-Intensive Grazing on Dairy Farms
LNE96-069 Soil Test for Active Organic Matter: A Tool to Help Assess Soil Quality