Steve Bogash

Regional Horticulture Educator
Penn State Cooperative Extension
181 Franklin Farm Lane
Chambersburg, PA 17202-3058
(w) (717) 263-9226


ONE11-136 A Novel, Laborsaving Trellising System for Grape Tomatoes
ONE09-093 Advanced Trellis Methods and Mechanical Harvesting for Grape Tomatoes
ONE09-094 Improving Native Bee Pollination Part 2: Alternative Nest Boxes Building on the Lessons from the Field in 2008
ONE08-079 Improving Pollination through bumblebee habitation; Evaluation of nest box types in bumblebee colonization
LNE07-251 Enhancing cut flower production and marketing for produce growers: Methods of diversification into proven niches, part II
LNE04-195 Enhancing Cut Flower Production and Marketing for Produce Growers: Methods of Diversification Into Proven Niches