Dr. Sruthi Narayanan

Associate Professor
Clemson University
[email protected]
105 Collings Street
212 Biosystems Research Complex
Clemson, SC 29634
(w) (864) 656-2419


LS22-374 Cover crop inter-seeding in organic corn production to reduce resource inputs and soil disturbance and enhance pest control and farm profitability
OS20-133 The Potential of Inter-seeded Cover Crops for Enhancing Soil Health and Soil Moisture Content in a Row Crop Production System
OS18-118 Cover Cropping to Increase the Sustainability of Cropping Systems by Developing Soil Organic Matter, Improving Soil Health, and Suppressing Weed Growth
GS18-192 Cover Cropping to Improve Soil Moisture Content for the Following Cash Crop
OS16-096 Cover Crop Influence on Stored Soil Water Availability to Subsequent Crops