Horticultural Weed Barrier Mats From Dairy Manure - Phase 2

Final Report for FNE04-515

Project Type: Farmer
Funds awarded in 2004: $10,000.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2005
Region: Northeast
State: Connecticut
Project Leader:
Matthew Freund
Freunds' Farm, Inc.
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Project Information


Note to readers, attached is the complete final report for FNE04-515

Using regular re-pulping methods, at high temperatures and stearic acid as an emulsifier, wax remover from WOCC was limited to approximately 50%. This was for short of the 80% minimum removal target required to use the WOCC material for papermaking. With other variables fixed, increasing the re-pulping temperature increased wax removal. With other variables fixed, increasing re-pulping time increased wax removal.

For all trials, the addition of stearic acid as an emulsifier increased wax removal. It was possible to successfully produce a ground cover sheet using 70% mechanically-refined CMF and 30% unwaxed OCC.

This project embodies the development of a potential symbiosis of the cattle and horticultural industries. Plastic waste volume would significantly lessen. Labor requirements for plastic clean up would be eliminated. Soil quality would improve. Animal waste nutrients would be applied where they are needed and away from where they are applied in excess.


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