Repeatable Fields

There are several places in the reporting system where repeater fields are used. Repeater fields are used when there may be multiple entries for a field. For example, a project may have any number of cooperators.

All the repeater fields work similarly.

Start by adding a new entry. In this case, I'll show how to add a cooperator.

Complete the required information. Fields that are required to save or update the report are indicated with a red asterisk. Additional fields may be required to submit your report.

Adding an entry

Click on the "Add" button to add the first entry or a entry at the end of the list.

Place your mouse in the entry's box and click on the "+" sign at the top right corner of the entry to add a new record above that entry.

Removing an entry

Place your mouse in the entry's box and click on the "-" sign on the right edge in the middle of the row to remove the entry.

Reordering the entries

Position your pointer on the left side of the entry (the column with the number for the entry) until the pointer changes to be a 4 headed arrow and drag to the position you want this entry placed. It may be easier if you collapse the entries first.

Collapsing entries

With entries that have multiple fields, e.g. Cooperators, it is nice to collapse the entry to one line to make it easier to see all or to reorder the entries. To collapse an entry, position your pointer in the entry's box and click on the toggle (triangle) button at the top left corner of the entry.