Reporting Workflow

For both reports and information products the workflow is similar.

Reports start with a "Working version".

When the project coordinator is ready to submit a report, they click on the "Go to submit report" button.

Any comments that should be shared with the regional admin are entered in the "Comments" field.

If this is the final report, check the "This is the final report" checkbox.

Then click on the "Submit Report" button.

All of the project coordinators and the appropriate regional admins will receive an email with the announcement that the report has been submitted along with the comments entered.

Once submitted, the coordinator may not edit the report without unsubmitting it. In which case the coordinators and regional admins will be notified and will wait until the report is submitted again.

A regional admin will either approve or reject the report. In either case, the coordinators will be notified via an email message.

If the report is approved, it is now publicly available. If this is not the final report, a new working version is created.