Building Extension Capacity in the North Central Region to Address Agricultural Energy Use

2010 Annual Report for ENC09-110

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 2009: $74,919.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2012
Region: North Central
State: Minnesota
Project Coordinator:
Scott Sanford
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Building Extension Capacity in the North Central Region to Address Agricultural Energy Use


After an initial delay waiting for contract details to be completed, the project is on pace to deliver energy conservation education information in the North Central Region in the Spring of 2011.

The purpose of this project is to utilize the considerable energy conservation expertise among collaborating North Central Region Extension programs to develop the capacity of agricultural educators to assist agricultural producers to adopt effective energy conservation practices.

The project focuses on five energy intensive agricultural systems: field crop production, animal housing, greenhouses, irrigation and grain drying. Regional Extension energy specialists have compiled existing information on energy conservation available in the region and will conduct a series of regional webinars to highlight best practices in each of the target areas. Resources generated will be shared broadly through the eXtension Sustainable Agricultural Energy community of practice. The program will be evaluated to determine the degree to which Extension agricultural educators understand the methods available to save on-farm energy and the degree to which agricultural producers increase their awareness of energy conservation practices.

Objectives/Performance Targets

The project has completed a first cut at curricula compilation and identification. The compiled educational information is being utilized to develop curricula for the webinars to be held this year. The project is on track to meet its performance target of conducting capacity building webinars in the North Central region for the five target agricultural systems. Short powerpoint presentations have been developed to support promotion of the webinars among the states.


-Curriculum identification and resource collection is complete
-Agricultural system content leads have been identified and contracts for service are in place
-Content leads have met to discuss webinar material development
– The eXtension Sustainable Agricultural Energy community of practice is actively involved in program implementation
-Short powerpoint promotional programs have been developed for each of the target areas
-Discussion with area leads on the schedule for conducting the webinars is ongoing
-Development of evaluation instruments is underway

Impacts and Contributions/Outcomes

Project is still in the curricula development and delivery phase. Expected impacts/outcomes will occur after delivery of the webinars and through post-webinar follow up.


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