Developing Educational Materials and Schools for Sustainable and Profitable Grazing Systems

1995 Annual Report for ENC95-003A

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 1995: $30,000.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/1997
Region: North Central
State: Ohio
Project Coordinator:
Henry Bartholomew
Ohio State University Extension

Developing Educational Materials and Schools for Sustainable and Profitable Grazing Systems


The team members have revised and enhanced existing teaching materials used in the North Central Region for use in the region. Most teaching modules include a lesson plan, script and 35 mm slide set composed of a combination of photos and Powerpoint slides on the topic. The scripts, handouts, and reference materials on teach topic are provided to states requesting a reference notebook. Three day in-service workshops to introduce the subject matter and teaching materials are conducted in conjunction with the host state. Extension and Natural Resource Conservation Service employees have been the participants of the in-services. To date in-services have been held in Michigan (2), Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Discussions are currently underway with Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota for possible additional in-services.

The topics covered are: Management Intensive Grazing Concepts and Principles; Where Are You and Where Do You Want To Be; Evaluating Soils Resources for Grazing Systems; Matching Forage Species to your Environment and Livestock; Paddock Layout and Water System Design; Soil Fertility for Pastures; Understanding Plant Growth; Grazing Systems and the Environment; Meeting Animal Requirements on Pasture for Beef, Dairy, and Sheep; Experienced Graziers’ Panel: How to Get Started, Economics of Grazing; Introduction to the Case Farm; Preparing Your Group’s Plan of the Case Farm for Presentation; Group Presentations and Critique; and Evaluation of Instructors and Workshop.

The evaluations are very positive with the producer panelist consistently rating the highest marks. Support to the host state from grant funds includes: honorarium for farmers serving as instructors, reference notebook, travel for instructors, and three complete sets of teaching materials, which includes over 500 35 mm slides. Jim Gerrish and his group in Missouri are working on completing a series of eight video tapes each 10-12 minutes in length. Topics covered are: Extending the winter grazing season, Forages for summer grazing, Matching livestock production cycles to the forage base, Soil nutrient management in pastures, No-till pasture improvement, Water system development for grazing management, Appropriate supplementation on pasture, Wildlife and grazing management, and Year-round forage-livestock production model. Five of the videos are complete and will be ready for distribution in early 1998. The final three will be ready by August of 1998.

North Central Region SARE 1997 Annual Report.