Sustainable Production Systems for Range-Reared Standard Turkeys

2007 Annual Report for ES05-078

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 2005: $109,444.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2008
Region: Southern
State: North Carolina
Principal Investigator:
Marjorie Bender
American Livestock Breeds Conservacy

Sustainable Production Systems for Range-Reared Standard Turkeys


Sustainable Production Systems for Range-Reared Standard Turkeys

Information on range production of naturally-mating, standard varieties of turkeys (a.k.a. “heritage” turkeys) is urgently needed. Through a SSARE R & E Grant (LS02-134) the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and Virginia Tech have conclusive evidence that standard turkeys have more robust immune systems, better survivability, and superior overall performance in range-based systems than commercial strains. Information on range production of standard turkeys is, however, largely out-of-print. A diverse collaboration proposes to train agricultural professionals about range production of standard turkeys. Two regional workshops will be held on farms. A training manual, consisting of a series of topic-based pamphlets will be published which will integrate traditional information on production with contemporary information on diseases, processing and marketing. Participants’ outreach efforts will be supported with materials and personnel.

Objectives/Performance Targets

1. Ag professionals will become familiar with range production of standard turkeys. Participants will…

a. Be able to define the terms “naturally-mating”, “heritage” and “standard”;
b. Understand the recent research on standard turkeys which validates their conservation;
c. Understand the value of range production based on market trends and consumer preferences;
d. Be able to identify and name the standard varieties of turkeys;
e. Be able to outline the steps of range production from ordering poults through brooding, from pasturing and feeding through processing;
f. Be able to describe market niches, distribution options, and related regulations;
g. Be able to assist producers in developing a marketing strategy for this enterprise;
h. Be able to help farmers develop enterprise budgets and provide the economics of production based on regional and state specific data; and
i. Understand the regional infrastructure needed to successfully bring turkeys to the marketplace.

2. Ag professionals will be able to effectively disseminate information about range production of standard turkeys


“How To Raise Heritage Turkeys on Pasture” has been published. It is available at no charge through the ALBC website ( A bound version is available for $12.95 through the ALBC store (

Two of the four workshops have been scheduled.

1. July 21 – 22 at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, NCSU, in Goldsboro, NC

2. October 17 – 19 at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture in Pacontico Hills, NY. A breeding stock selection clinic will precede the production clinic

Two additional workshops are being scheduled, one of which will be in the southern region.

Impacts and Contributions/Outcomes

The manual was placed on the ALBC website approximately 6 weeks before a bound version was available. Requests for the bound version began immediately. It is clear from the response that entrepreneurial niche farmers are hungry for the information provided in this publication specifically, and for husbandry publications on regionally adapted breeds generally.

While tangential to the specific goals and objectives of this project, ALBC has continued to actively promote heritage turkey and poultry production. In particular, ALBC, Growers Choice Cooperative and the NC Cooperative Extension – Chatham County organized a 3 day workshop on all the administrative, logistical, and marketing activities that are necessary for developing and maintaining a successful niche poultry market. Frank Reese, Jr., Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch, Lindsborg, KS, was the featured speaker. Frank and I (Marjorie Bender) developed hours of powerpoint presentations documenting this information. The program was well received but the desired outcome – energizing people to undertake such a cooperative effort – was not realized.

After much consideration and discussion, Mr. Reese initiated the Standard Bred Poultry Institute which will make classes and workshops regularly available to the public. Topics will range from breeding to management, from post-processing handling to preparation for the table. ALBC serves as a technical advisor and will be closely involved in the curriculum development.

The SSARE PDP program has played an important role in these developments by providing support for a project that has both broadened and deepened ALBC’s knowledge, understanding, and experience of range-based heritage turkey and poultry production. That expanded knowledge-base has made ALBC ready and able to work with farmers who are pushing the sustainable food and farming envelope.


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