Cattle and Small Ruminant IPM Educational Materials: A systems approach that will lead to a sustainable future

Project Overview

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 2018: $79,900.00
Projected End Date: 09/30/2021
Grant Recipient: Auburn University
Region: Southern
State: Alabama
Principal Investigator:
Kelly Palmer
Auburn University


  • Animals: bovine, goats, sheep


  • Animal Production: animal protection and health, grazing management, grazing - rotational, manure management, parasite control, preventive practices
  • Education and Training: demonstration, extension, workshop
  • Pest Management: biological control, chemical control, cultural control, economic threshold, integrated pest management, physical control, sanitation, traps

    Proposal abstract:

    IPM practices have been proven to be sustainable and increase environmental quality in cattle and small ruminant production systems. Through the creation of cattle and small ruminant IPM educational materials, we will be aiding the long-term sustainability of cattle and small ruminant production systems in the Southern region. The educational materials will be used to train trainers and ultimately end-users in IPM practices, which will increase their economic well being and quality of life.

    As population increases the number of younger new generation farmers increases, improved agricultural management methods and science-based training for new and beginning farmers are critical. The number of beginning farmers and ranchers interested in livestock-based production systems has increased significantly in the last two years as indicated by the demand for educational programming in this area, and continued participation in these events. There is a need to train new and beginning livestock producers in IPM strategies, which will lead to enhanced sustainability of both the beef and small ruminant industries within the state and the Southern region.

    This project aims to create web-based IPM educational materials, which will bring knowledge transfer into the digital age. Currently, there are no mobile-ready IPM educational materials for cattle and small ruminant producers in the Southern region. This presents an amazing opportunity to increase knowledge, adopt IPM practices, and ultimately improve the economic and social well-being of end-users.

    Project objectives from proposal:

    This project aims to:

    1. Create educational materials (cattle and small ruminant IPM handbooks, PowerPoint presentations, webinar series, and webpage);
    2. Provide train-the trainer meetings (utilizing both in-classroom and in-field learning) on cattle and small ruminant IPM practices to Extension personnel and a group of select mentor farmers.
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