Promoting Adaptive Management With 'Tropic Sun' sunn hemp (Crotolaria juncea) in Hawaii for Ecological Strategies in Weed Control, Nematode Suppression and Nutrient Management

Project Overview

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 2008: $53,768.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2011
Region: Western
State: Hawaii
Principal Investigator:
Dr. james leary
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Dr. Brent Sipes
University of Hawaii

Annual Reports

Information Products

Sunn Hemp postcard (Fact Sheet)


  • Fruits: general tree fruits


  • Crop Production: conservation tillage
  • Education and Training: extension, on-farm/ranch research
  • Pest Management: biological control, mulches - living, mulching - vegetative, weed ecology
  • Production Systems: transitioning to organic
  • Soil Management: green manures, organic matter, soil analysis


    Sunn hemp can be used as a green manure cover crop to control weeds, nematodes, and other pests, add nutrients to the soil, and prevent soil erosion. These benefits from sunn hemp act to increase soil health in agricultural fields. Overall, fields cover cropped with sunn hemp exhibit a more robust and complex soil nematode community—a sign of a healthy soil ecosystem. Innovative growers have recognized the benefits of sunn hemp and are seeking seeds and desire collaboration with researchers as these producers integrate sunn hemp into their individual cropping systems.

    Project objectives:

    • To establish field day demonstrations for maximizing sunn hemp establishment and biomass productivity.

      To demonstrate the qualities of sunn hemp as a surface residue.

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