Technology Transfer of Alternative Plant Medicines for Livestockhealthcare in the Western Pacific

2011 Annual Report for EW08-017

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 2008: $97,074.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2011
Region: Western
State: Northern Mariana Islands
Principal Investigator:

Technology Transfer of Alternative Plant Medicines for Livestockhealthcare in the Western Pacific


2011 Progress Report

The demand for herbal medicine for livestock healthcare is prominently increasing nowadays. A good justification is the lack of commercial medicine available in most pacific islands and its additional high cost to operation. With the collaborative efforts of the islands toward the production of the sets of publication such as the brochure, poster and the video, the paravets and the producers are eagerly waiting for the end product-the manual that will be significantly address the lack of information about herbal medicine. Although, it is not in details, it will provide an overview of the herbal plants and the potential indication to certain livestock diseases. Instead of workshop, a small focus-group interaction has been performed throughout the Western Pacific. Peer reviews both electronically and actual discussions were done to finalize the publications. The PI still believe that further research on herbal drug dosage and efficacy must be done in order to arrive to therapeutic claims

Objectives/Performance Targets

Production of sustainable educational materials such as manuals, posters, cd database, and videos/DVD of the available medicinal plants in the Western Pacific

· List of herbal plants and its indication from the Philippines as well as in the Western Pacific were identified and selected. Top herbal plants with promising potential to each islands were peer reviewed and recommended for inclusion in the brochure, poster, and the manual;
· Folkloric and Actual practices on herbal usage were documented with Outreach Coordinator from CREES for video format;
· Lay-out and design was peer reviewed with all collaborators

And lastly, the PI conducted small focus groups discussion in the islands of CNMI, Palau and the FSM about the strategies and approach on how to effectively influence the general stakeholders about alternative herbal application to livestock.


· Additional collaborative involvement of administrative and extension staff from College of Micronesia- Chuuk campus and Kosrae campus led by Dr Lolita Ragus and Kenye Kilin, respectively. New partnership was formed between new extension agents from Chuuk, June Chippen and the significant involvement of the Ministry of Agriculture led by Sleper Sared.

· The involvement of local healers from Palau and Guam.

· The creation of the poster and brochures. And the upcoming final booklet/manual- as information kit for paravets.

Impacts and Contributions/Outcomes

· Prominent increase of awareness and knowledge on the project by paravets and producers regarding utilization of herbal plants for medicine

· Commitment from Land grant colleges and local agriculture to promote the herbal medicine for livestock healthcare

· As a result of the initial train the trainors, each participant (paravets /extension) were able to share the information to at least five producers in each island for a total of 40 informed individuals in close group discussion

· Additional extension staff from the island of Chuuk and Kosrae gave their commitment for the promotion of the project

· Expected long-term positive effect from the sustainable publication from the video, poster

· Professionally equipped and developed Paravets in each island sustains the project as being the advocates for herbal medicine for livestock

· Better and Improved animal health care

· Minimal concerns or zero health risks brought by natural herbs

· Health animals, healthy community

Expected Activities up to June 30, 2012

· Further Dissemination of publication materials. Mailing of brochures, booklet, poster and video to land grant colleges, ministry of agriculture, the paravets and the collaborators.

· Enclose with the publication are Post-survey forms that will be given by each island representative about the publication evaluation and assessments

· Final report to western SARE


Joaquin de Leon Guerrero

Saipan, MP 96950
Dr Dilip Nandwani

Plant Pathologist
Dr. Aurora del Rosario

Plant Pathologist
Palau Community College- CRE
Jabukja Aikne

Marshall Island
Dr Manuel Duguies

Extension Veterinarian/Assoc. Professor
University of Guam
Maneses Barcinas

Livestock extension Staff
Rota, MP 96952
Office Phone: 6705329494
Engley Ioanis

Extension Agent
College of Micronesia-Pohnpei