Small Poultry Farm Education Project

2007 Annual Report for FNC06-628

Project Type: Farmer/Rancher
Funds awarded in 2006: $5,998.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2008
Region: North Central
State: Kansas
Project Coordinator:

Small Poultry Farm Education Project


The project that was mine to explore and expound on was a teacher to me as well as my outreach classes I taught at the local library. I shared with over 100 people in the course of six classes; the last class was November 29, 2007. I was allowed to bring Ms. ChicaPoo, one of the chickens from Chicamore Farm. I served a breakfast, lunch, and dinner, depending on the class and these classes were held monthly.

Here is an excerpt from our first class: "A chicken egg is unique in every way today and yesterday. Come learn of the numerous and varied ways to serve eggs and enjoy them. People from the cradle to advanced age will agree that the joy never ceases and the sense of taste increases. THE PERFECT PROTEIN FOOD." [Editor's Note: Allen also provided a tape of program she presented titled, "The Healing Egg Shining in the Light." This program covered information ranging from chicken identification to the chicken and eggs in art.]

The outreach program was very successful for me as the project was so new to them and me. We also shared with them that chicken art is also a winner. The final class summed this information up for the children and for the adults.

We planted 200 tomato plants and 100 packages of mustard greens in the acre I leased. We also planted okra seeds which came up abundantly. I used the chic manure tea to fertilize the tomatoes. I did plant a small amount of corn, but I really could not tell a big difference in the plants fertilized with the tea and the others. I did plant in two different areas of the field.

Mr. John Drew consented to be our driver for our extended field trip to Salina, Kansas to observe a farm, The Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch. The knowledge was invaluable for us. Mr. Frank Reece was the owner of the farm and we viewed his whole operation in awe of the tremendous place he had. This project has taught me to deal with the natural harmony of the livestock and the land. My chickens will be used for eggs and for profit. I will also be able to teach others as a thank you to the teacher of this farm, how a family can raise chickens in a small setting and supply the family members who live there with eggs and chicken meat for years. I bought some heirloom, heritage chickens at the 2007 National Small Farm Trade Show & Conference in Columbia, MO to start this process. I sold eggs, some chickens, tomatoes and greens also. My final report will reflect this more so. Thanks again for the support we received from SARE.