Preservation and Diversification of Heirloom and Antique Apple Varieties in Southern Ohio

Project Overview

Project Type: Farmer/Rancher
Funds awarded in 2012: $4,395.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2013
Region: North Central
State: Ohio
Project Coordinator:
Jo Huff
Hillgate Farm

Annual Reports


  • Fruits: apples, general tree fruits


  • Sustainable Communities: local and regional food systems, new business opportunities

    Proposal summary:

    The goal of the project is to identify, preserve and document antique and heirloom apple varieties from remnant apple orchards scattered across Lawrence County Ohio and to place a high emphasis on collecting scions from those trees at risk of immediate loss.

    Project objectives from proposal:

    OBJECTIVE: To preserve the antique and heirloom apple varieties found in Lawrence County Ohio that may otherwise be lost forever.

    TARGET 1: Record and document current locations of former apple orchards and existing live trees within Lawrence County Ohio.
    - Historic document and courthouse research regarding the orchard owners in Lawrence County starting in the 1800s until today.
    - Locate existing historic apple trees/orchards, photograph, document, and GPS the orchard locations and any existing live trees. - Provide university students with experience in field research and data collection while interacting with the community.
    - Evaluate field work for increased performance and adjustments using surveys/questionaires and discussions with university students.
    - Completed final report that includes historic information, maps of former orchard locations and tree preservation lessons learned for SARE dissemination.

    TARGET 2: Preserve and propagate existing antique and heirloom apple trees in Lawrence County Ohio.
    - Collect scions from existing trees or use rooting pots for collection.
    - Prepare and construct a garden area for fruit tree establishment and protection from deer browse for growing trees. PERFORMANCE INDICATORS:
    - Successful propagation of antique and heirloom apple trees that are at risk of being lost.
    - Results will provide the best method of collection that leads to higher livability.

    TARGET 3: Educate and promote the importance and renewed interest in antique and heirloom apples as a local food source and for a variety of cooking uses.
    - Articles will discuss the project and historic apple industry in southern Ohio in the quarterly farm newsletter.
    - Periodic press releases about the project will be sent to media.
    - Educational display will be designed for the Lawrence County Fair.
    - Responses to request forms and questionnaires that are disseminated and collected at the County Fair display will be evaluated.
    - Increased public awareness and interest will be evaluated after press and newsletter releases in which contact information is provided to the public.

    TARGET 4: Take the initial step in building a sustainable antique and heirloom apple industry in southern Ohio and other areas of the midwest.
    - Disseminate the information through SARE to the public and continue to promote the importance of preserving southern Ohio's apple heritage.
    - Support the continuation and diversity of the old apple varieties that may otherwise be lost.
    - Number of live trees successfully propagated to increase numbers of at-risk trees.
    - Number of local farmers focusing on antique and heirloom apple varieties as a business or in addition to their current operations.

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