Hay net/plastic sleever

2013 Annual Report for FNE13-775

Project Type: Farmer
Funds awarded in 2013: $5,631.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2016
Region: Northeast
State: West Virginia
Project Leader:
Lonnie Fast
Fast Hay Movers Inc.

Hay net/plastic sleever


We are seeking to o innovate and design a fast, economical user-friendly device to put a protective net or plastic sleeve/bonnet on round hay bales to preserve hay quality that is being stored outside for livestock. Is it time and labor saving, simple, one person friendly, be used on diverse equipment? Is it practical, economical and user-friendly?

 We had to overcome an issue with the spears, determined using Leinbach hay spear is most acceptable, although a standard spear that uses a 3-point hitch or hay transporter is also acceptabl.

 Phase I completed except for some minor tweeking- pick up a bale of hay with a spear and be able to rotate the bale in either direction using an electrical winch. This seems to be working well and ready to move into phase II.  Phase II will be to assemble the support of the rolling netting/plastic to the hay bale.  Outreach component also still remaining.


Have overcome some obstacles for bale to rotate for example all hay spears come with 10” spikes that prevent hay bales from rolling in transport, I have cut each one off an inch and a half from the frame that allows bale to rotate. I have made provision to reinstall the spear spikes by use of one and a quarter inch by 3 inch black pipe nipple available in any hardware store, drilled and tapped set screws to re- secure, no welding involved. So when sleeving device is not being used the spike can be re-attached for proper support and normal use.


Instead of using belts and pulleys, which could slip, have changed it to a number 50 chain with 4 sprockets this eliminates the need for ground drive as originally planned.


 Harvest time of hay has not yet come in West Virginia to analyze results, this will occur approximately the 2014 summer season.


No new ideas or changes have been made to the original concept just adjustments on how to get there.

John Murray, County Extension Agent has come to the farm to inspect and observe the progress of the project, assisted with problem solving

 Doug- machine shop worker with MINE MACHINE, L.L.C. . He has been available to help with precision laith work etc. when needed.

Impacts and Contributions/Outcomes

I would like to give my appreciation to SARE and to John Murray, Marion County Extension Agent and Nola Wilson, WV SARE Outreach Leader and all who are involved in this program for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my vision in a product that hopefully will bring great benefits to hundreds of fellow farmers and ranchers that finds themselves in the same scenario. Thank You again Lonnie & Betty Fast, Fast Hay Movers, Inc.


John Murray

Technical Advisor
West Virginia University Extension Service
314 Monroe Street
Fairmont, WV 26554
Office Phone: 3043672772