Low-Input (Sustainable Agriculture) Database and Information System

1988 Annual Report for LNC88-007

Project Type: Research and Education
Funds awarded in 1988: $5,000.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/1990
Region: North Central
State: Missouri
Project Coordinator:
Tory Shade
University of Missouri Extension

Low-Input (Sustainable Agriculture) Database and Information System


To develop plans for an interactive computerized database and information retrieval system on
low-input sustainable agriculture in the North Central region. The system will interface with
private organizations, the National Agricultural Library (NAL), Appropriate Transfer of
Technology to Rural Areas (ATTRA), and the other three SARE regions.

A regional committee made up of 19 state and private organizations and farmer representatives
conferred on various occasions by phone, meetings, and by letters to develop the general

It was decided that the following types of information be considered for a computer information
database (presented in order of importance): 1) semi-technical and extension publications, 2)
journal and similar articles, 3) field day/meeting/annual project reports, 4) list of
experts/expertise, 5) popular press articles (farm magazines, etc.), 6) farmer/researcher/service
personnel "observations", 7) message/question and answer board, 8) newsletter (to be printed on
a cost recovery basis), 9) calendar of events, 10) list of books, video, suppliers, slide sets, and
computer programs. While the information base could be designed to operate on a regional
level, it would also be able to query other information systems such as ATTRA, NAL, other
regions, and easily be a part of a similar national system, if and when developed.

Potential Contributions and Practical Applications:
The ultimate goal of this project was to provide a framework for the development of a computer
based information system which can be accessed by farmers directly or indirectly through those
who work with farmers, primarily extension agents. Information on research results, educational
events, materials and aids, and farmer-to-farmer or researcher experiences will be available for
potential use by farmers and others to incorporate into American agriculture food production

Dissemination of Findings:
The specific dissemination of findings from this study were made available to participating
states and organizations and were directed to the North Central region technical committees for
their review, recommendations, and hopefully support for the request for development of this