Practical Education in Sustainable Production Systems

1991 Annual Report for LW91-025

Project Type: Research and Education
Funds awarded in 1991: $14,250.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/1993
Matching Non-Federal Funds: $3,195.00
Region: Western
State: Montana
Principal Investigator:
Wade Crouch
Montana State University

Practical Education in Sustainable Production Systems


In cooperation with Greg Gould a fourth-generation sustainable producer whose whole-farm crop/livestock operation has drawn acclaim from both traditional and sustainable organizations educational seminars on aspects of alternative crop systems and methods leading to their success were conducted.

Each year of the project, four three-day sessions will be conducted in June/July with four producers and two educators participating in each. All material covered in the field will be contained in printed form. During year two, a video will be prepared to further assist educators and expand interest across the state. Year three will produce an MSU publication to formalize all aspects of the information gleaned during the project. Emphasis will be placed on whole-farm systems encompassing both crops and livestock, and the economic comparisons between conventional and sustainable management.


(1) Educate participating producers in sustainable practices to the point of action, not just awareness.

(2) Supply educators with practical knowledge in sustainable methods so they will be able to assist producers interested in adopting this technology.

(3) Provide participants with methods to determine the changes in costs, inputs and net returns associated with the adoption of sustainable methods.

(4) Prepare printed material and video instruction to aid those interested in sustainable practices that are applicable in Montana.

(5) Increase interest in systems that require fewer off-farm inputs, are conserving in nature and decrease farm equity risk.