Greenhouse IPM Scout School: Online and Hands-on Training for Current and Next Generation Scouts

Project Overview

Project Type: Partnership
Funds awarded in 2022: $29,105.00
Projected End Date: 07/31/2024
Grant Recipient: New York Integrated Pest Management, Cornell University
Region: Northeast
State: New York
Project Leader:
Dr. Elizabeth Lamb
New York Integrated Pest Management, Cornell University


  • Additional Plants: ornamentals


  • Pest Management: field monitoring/scouting, integrated pest management

    Proposal abstract:

    Greenhouse production in the Northeast has a significant effect on the economy. Due to the high value and aesthetic demands of the crops, pesticides are often the primary pest management method. There is a need for training and information on efficient and accurate scouting to reduce losses to pests and unnecessary pesticide applications.  We propose to fill these gaps by providing an on-line greenhouse IPM scout school in a flexible manner to provide resources to a diverse population.  The school would consist of a 6 week period of weekly on-line webinars plus discussion (1.5 hours per week proposed). A webpage will be created to allow easy access to information on the webinar and associated resources. Those who want information can participate live in some or all of the online webinars, gaining pesticide recertification credits where possible, or can access the recorded webinars and resources through the project webpage asynchronously.  Those desiring a certificate would register, receive the equipment to do the hands-on activities associated with each webinar topic, and then complete the requirements of webinars, discussion, reporting and hands-on activities.  Evaluation by a grower advisory panel, and through surveys or participants will be used to improve the training and methodology. This project is intended to ensure that trained IPM scouts are available to work in Northeastern floriculture and vegetable greenhouses, supporting a sustainable and resilient industry.

    Project objectives from proposal:

    The project seeks to ensure that trained Integrated Pest Management scouts are available to work in the NE greenhouse industry, improving the efficacy of pest management and reducing unnecessary pesticide applications, with the potential to positively affect the economic stability of the enterprise, the environment and human health

    1. Create, advertise, and implement an on-line training program for IPM Scouts (Scout School) including webinars, hands-on activities, and interactive discussion sessions advertised to students, existing greenhouse employees and other interested parties
    • Short term impacts
      • 30 people will gain knowledge from the Scout School by participating in the webinars, hands-on activities and discussion sessions
      • 100 people will gain knowledge from participating in the webinars alone
      • 15 people will achieve the certificate
      • 75 will indicate intent to use the knowledge gained from the webinars or certificate program
    • Intermediate impacts
      • 25 people will report adoption of IPM scouting techniques learned
      • 1 additional person will be employed as an IPM scout
    1. Evaluate the training program and the methods used to provide information and access a broad base of participants
    • Continuing impact (increased knowledge and application of knowledge gained)
      • 1 additional greenhouse IPM scouting school will be put on after the grant



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