Hydroseeded mulch as an alternative to plastic mulch films

2008 Annual Report for OS07-034

Project Type: On-Farm Research
Funds awarded in 2007: $14,000.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2008
Region: Southern
State: Georgia
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Gary L. Hawkins
University of Georgia

Hydroseeded mulch as an alternative to plastic mulch films


Work completed

Participating farmer and County Extension Agent have tried a few hydromulch treatments on farm with limited results. Additional treatments are being investigated due to work being simultaneously conducted by other researcher in the ARS. Additional problems have resulted in getting some materials for treatments.

Objectives/Performance Targets

Determine viability of alternative sources of mulches that maybe potential organic based mulches for controlling weeds in conservation tillage vegetable systems.


A modified plastic layer was purchased to include sweeps and a sub-soil shank to reduce soil disturbance while preparing beds for vegetables. The machine is planned to be used in conservation tillage systems where vegetables are to be planted behind a winter cover crop.


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