Project Overview

Project Type: PDP State Program
Funds awarded in 2018: $15,555.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2019
Grant Recipient: Fort Valley State University
Region: Southern
State: Georgia
State Coordinator:
Dr. Mark Latimore
Fort Valley State University


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Proposal abstract:

The objective of the 2018-2019 Program is to continue the existing strategic planning process for statewide sustainable agriculture development; and to provide professional development opportunities for County Extension Agents and other agriculture professionals (i.e. Framers, Train-the-Trainer, USDA Employees engaged in Train-the-Trainer activities). Objective of the plan of work in utilizing the SARE Logic Model will include providing training activities for agriculture professionals in the following areas:

a.) Conservation tillage,

b.) Organic production, 

c.) Grazing-based animal production systems,

d.) Composting, 

e.) Aquaponics, 

f.) Direct marketing, and

g.) Local food systems

In satisfying the objective, twenty-five county extension agents and farmer trainers will receive support to attend the 2019 Southern Sustainable Agriculture Workers Group; a direct marketing and business plan development workshop for county extension agents and small farmers will be conducted; county agents and farmers will receive training at the Southern Collaborative Networking Group & Farmers Training Conference, Fall 2018; and drones will be used for training county extension agents and select farmers on the utilization of drone technology in developing crop health analysis reports, predicting crop yield, weed control practices, and how drones are used in spray program to control pests under conservation tillage and conventional tilled vegetable production.  The proposed trainings/workshops and experiential learning activities will expose county extension agents and farmer trainers to experiences designed to enhance their knowledge base and secure strong subject matter references. 

Project objectives from proposal:

Training efforts are guided by the Logic Model (updated in 2015) of the Georgia Model State Program.  The Model reflects the current needs of Georgia as directed by the SARE Advisory Committee.  Objective of the updated SARE Logic Model includes training in organic food production, conservation tillage systems, grazing-based animal production systems, composting, direct marketing and local food systems.  Trainings are objective focused. Outcomes will result in the enhancement of knowledge and competency in sustainable agriculture while increasing contact within the sustainable agriculture community.  Most importantly, participants will receive up-to-date training to sustain their operations while enhancing individuals they will assist following the trainings/workshops.  The entire SARE program would have provided expanded outreach opportunities for producers.

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