A Five Part Plan to Bring to Life a More Sustainable School Garden.

2011 Annual Report for YENC10-037

Project Type: Youth Educator
Funds awarded in 2010: $1,200.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2013
Region: North Central
State: Missouri
Project Manager:
Sarah Holmes
The Barstow School

A Five Part Plan to Bring to Life a More Sustainable School Garden.


Project Status

The five components of the plan are as follows:

• Composting
• Beneficial Insects
• Extending the Season
• Cover Crops
• Irrigation/Water

We have made significant progress on several of the five components, as detailed below.


The composting component of this grant has been implemented. We researched different models of worm bins, and purchased a worm factory from Gardeners Supply. The students thought that the design of the bin would be the easiest for us to use and they liked the idea of adding trays as you add organic material. We have been feeding our worms for several months now. Most of what they consume are apple cores and banana peels that students put in a collection bin after they have a fresh fruit snack during break time.

Several times a week, designated students mist the bin and check for worm activity. Initially, many students thought that worms were gross, but now they understand their usefulness and I’ve seen a change in their attitude toward them. Students consider themselves lucky if they get to take care of the worms.

Our outdoor compost bin is a wooden frame bin that assembles in a lincoln log fashion. It was very easy for the students to put the bin together. We emptied our first load of compost this spring and starting filling it for next year. We were surprised to find that a mouse had made a nest between the back of the bin and the brick building. Students participated in watering the compost, aerating it, and turning it.

Beneficial Insects

Currently, students are investigating native plants that have the qualities of attracting beneficial insects. We have prepared a bed along the side of our garden and amended the soil. We will plant the natives that the students chose in the next week and then do a count of insects on the plants.


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