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Project Overview

Project Type: Youth Educator
Funds awarded in 2024: $6,000.00
Projected End Date: 01/15/2026
Grant Recipient: Chicago Grows Food
Region: North Central
State: Illinois
Project Manager:
Elizabeth Berkeley
Chicago Grows Food


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Proposal abstract:

Our grant proposal aims to
educate youth about sustainable agriculture practices and careers
that are ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially
responsible. Each year we will provide 3,000 youth with Grow
Kits, emphasizing hands-on learning about cover crops, food
sovereignty, nutrition management, and soil health. Additionally,
we will host educational workshops, career exploration sessions,
and monthly nutrition management support. Success will be
assessed through pre- and post-surveys, interviews, and focus
groups. Our project aims to empower the next generation with the
knowledge and skills to foster sustainability in agriculture,
addressing pressing issues in our community.

Project objectives from proposal:

  1. In partnership with 120
    classrooms, we aim to raise awareness of sustainable gardening
    practices by educating students, teachers, and families about
    growing food, the environmental impact, and the importance of
    plant health. 
  2. Each year, we will empower
    3,000 students by providing each with a Grow Kit that will
    enable them to be responsible for and learn about the produce
    they cultivate.
  3. Our project will offer youth
    the unique opportunity to engage with professionals from
    various sustainable agriculture careers. Through partnerships,
    12 different experts will provide education to students, to
    help broaden their horizons and inspire future career
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