Search Help

If you are looking for a specific project, you can go directly to that project's page by going to:[PROJECT NUMBER] e.g.

Selecting more than one filter will return projects that meet ALL of the criteria. The more fields you use, the fewer results you will get. If you select multiple commodities or practices, the results will include any project with any of those commodities or practices.


Project titles, project reports, commodities and categories are searched for any of the keywords entered. If you include multiple keywords or phrases, any projects with at least one of the keywords/phrases will be shown. Keywords are not case sensitive.

Phrase matching

 If you put multiple search terms in quotes, they become a phrase. Searching for "pastured poultry" will only find posts that have this specific phrase in them. Searches for phrases take longer to complete.

Search operators

  • The * operator matches any number of letters (including zero) inside or at the end of a word. Searching for w*rd matches wrd, word, ward, weird, and so on. Searching for apple* will find apple and apples.
  • The + operator makes the word it’s attached to mandatory. Searching for apple juice will include all projects that have either apple or juice. Searching for apple +juice returns all projects that include the word juice, and they may also include apple.
  • The - operator excludes a word from the results. Searching for -apple juice returns all projects that have the word juice, but not the word apple.

Multiple keywords

Entering multiple words searches for projects with any of those words. This is like an [OR] search and will give you more results.

Searching for Coordinators:

You can also search all the project coordinators from the "Search Project Coordinators" page.