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Adding criteria to more than one field will return projects that meet ALL of the criteria. The more fields you use, the fewer results you will get.

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The results can be sorted by year, title or project number.

Project Number

If you know the project number, this is the easiest way to find a project. Project numbers are usually formatted like ABC12-345.

If you only know part of the project number, you can search for that as well. For example, searching for NC will return all the projects that have NC in the project number.

Titles and Reports

If you know the title of the project or want to just search the project titles, use the "Title" field.

The "Project Reports" field searches all of the fields in the project reports.

An asterisk "*" serves as a wildcard and can only be used at the end of a word or partial word.

Entering multiple words searches for projects with any of those words. This is like an [OR] search and will give you more results.

To search for a phrase, enclose your phrase in quotes. The order of the words does not matter unless they are enclosed in quotes.

To exclude a word or phrase, precede the word/phrase with a - sign (no space between the - and the word/phrase).

To require a word or phrase, precede the word/phrase with a + sign (no space between the + and the word/phrase).

When using quotes to enclose a search phrase, the wildcard * will not work. It only works when used with a single word.

Search for Will return reports that contain
pasture the word "pasture"
does not find reports with the word "pastured"
pasture* "pasture" or "pastured"
pastured the word "pastured"
poultry the word "poultry"
pastured poultry either pastured or poultry
"pastured poultry" the phrase "pastured poultry"
+pastured +poultry must have both pastured and poultry
pastured -poultry pastured and don't contain poultry
-pastured poultry poultry and don't contain pastured

The @ sign is not allowed in searches and will be ignored.

If you search all reports, the response may take a few seconds longer than if you leave this field blank.

Searching for Coordinators:

You can also search all the project coordinators from the "Search Project Coordinators" page.