Dr. Andre Brito

Associate Professor of Organic Dairy Management
University of New Hampshire
[email protected]
30 O'Kane road
Durham, NH 03824
(w) (603) 862-1341


GNE17-153 Developing legume-grass mixtures to improve the environmental sustainability of northeastern organic dairies
LNE16-346 Unraveling challenges and opportunities of kelp meal supplementation in Northeast organic dairies
GNE15-097 Improvements in feed efficiency, milk yield, and components by delineating the rumen microbiome
GNE15-101 Research and educational approaches to guide dairy farmer decisions about kelp meal supplementation in the Northeast
LNE13-323 Forage-based approaches for improving profitability and ecosystem services of dairy farms in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania
GNE12-031 Integrating grazing research with surveys to assess and advance the current knowledge about kelp meal supplementation for organic dairy farms in the northeast
GNE10-011 Molasses as an Alternative Energy Feed Source for Organic Dairies