Bruce Maxwell

Professor of Agroecology
[email protected]
Department of Land Resources & Environmental Sci.
Leon Johnson Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717
(w) (406) 994-5717


WPDP21-008 Digital Agriculture Training Workshop: Managing Input Using On-farm Data
GW19-190 Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Based on Site-Specific Maximized Profit and Minimized Pollution
GW19-198 Precision Agriculture Applied to Organic Systems
GW19-199 Effects of Habitat Heterogeneity on Crop Yield and Biodiversity
GW06-026 Effects of Weed Communities in Conventional and Organic Agricultural Systems.
SW01-048 Using Crop Diversity in No-till and Organic Systems to Reduce Inputs and Increase Profits and Sustainability in the Northern Plains