Dr. Carlene Chase

University of Florida
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Horticultural Sciences Department
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Gainesville, FL 32611
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LS21-360 Specialty Pumpkin: Laying the Groundwork for an Emerging Crop and Lucrative Products
LS20-334 Optimizing Nutrient and Water Management for Organic Mixed Vegetable Production Systems
LS16-270 Cover Crop Diversity through Evaluation and Increase from Breeder Stocks and Germplasm Repositories
OS12-063 Offseason Management for Organic High Tunnels for Improved Pest Suppression and Soil Health
LS08-205 Selecting a sunn hemp cover crop genotype for weed suppression and seed production
GS07-057 Optimizing buckwheat use as a weed suppressive cover crop for sustainable cropping systems in Florida
LS05-170 Integrated Management of Purple and Yellow Nutsedge in Organic Vegetable Production