Crystal Stewart-Courtens

Vegetable specialist
Cornell Cooperative Extension
[email protected]
134 Miller Rd.
Johnstown, NY 12095
(w) (518) 775-0018


LNE22-446 Increasing Capacity to Produce High-Quality, Regionally Adapted Seed to Enhance Northeast Biosecurity and Diversify Markets for Vegetable Growers
ONE21-406 Fight the Mite! Post-harvest Control of Eriophyid Mites in Garlic
ONE19-351 Postharvest Handling of Garlic for Control of Pests and Disease
LNE16-353 Improving profitability of garlic production through understanding and management of Fusarium diseases
LNE12-319 Development of disease management, fertility, and weed control best practices for northeast garlic production
ONE11-149 Managing Garlic Bloat Nematode Using Bio-Fumigant Cover Crops
CNE10-083 Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market